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5 Countries in Asia with the Best Street Food

According to a 2007 study from the Food and Agriculture Organization, 2.5 billion people eat street food every day. It’s no wonder there are a lot of street foods you can choose from.

Let’s hit the food carts and look at some of the top Asian countries where you can find the best street food ever!

Indonesia- Kerak Telor ("egg crust")

A glutinous rice frittata cooked over charcoal by itinerant vendors. Wondering what could taste better, chicken or duck egg? Well it depends on your taste. The duck egg contributes a richer, fattier taste and mouth-feel, although it would cost a little bit more.

Thailand- Moo ping

Also known as grilled pork skewers, is another hugely popular street food, but it's not just skewers of pork you'll find being grilled on the street. There's also grilled chicken and even sometimes grilled buffalo. Yes, you heard it right. Grilled buffalo! Now this is one exotic meat skewer the adventurous eater should try.

Korea- Tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes)

Set your tongues on fire with these rice cakes in a red pepper paste. The deep red of the paste should be warning enough to how spicy it can get. But despite the sharpness of the flavor, the mild rice cake complements it and it mostly balances itself out. If the spiciness is too much, wash down the taste with some ice cream to cool off.

Philippines- “Dirty Ice Cream” or Sorbetes

These are home-made ice creams with different flavours (like ube or purple yam, queso or cheese, langka or jackfruit, strawberry, buko or macapuno or coconut, vanilla, chocolate....okay just name it) that have been sold by wandering street vendors whom you will mostly see walking around the streets under a huge umbrella attached on a colorful cart. You'll know it's right outside your house when you hear the bell ringing!

Malaysia- Apom balik

A sticky rice-flour pancake with creamed corn inside. Vendors usually spoon the corn straight from the can into the cooking batter—eggy and fluffy—then deftly extricate the whole thing and fold it over like a loose taco, a shape that makes it possible to get both crispy edge and sticky interior in a single bite.

Next time you get to these countries, make sure to try all of these amazing street foods.

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