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5 Things To Do That are Better Done Outside

5 things to do that are better done outside

We all feel comfy doing our thing in a comfortable environment indoors, but there might be a few things that are even better when done in the great outdoors.

Even if you’re a homebody, experiencing these fun activities at least once in a while is good for both your body and your mood. Grab your calendar, planner, or whatever it is you use to remind yourself about events and schedule a couple of these activities for yourself


Do you love keeping your skin a beautiful golden brown? Do you love feeling the warmth of vitamin D entering your body? Don’t go to a tanning salon! Just give yourself a beach day and let it happen naturally. Some hardcore tan fans often bring the essentials on their mission for perfectly golden brown skin: optimal sunscreen, a timer, a proper body cover-up when you’re done with the process and a few snacks and drinks because you might as well enjoy a relaxing beach day to go along with your tan time. Hey what do you know! Two fun activities in one outing.

Cooking and Eating

There’s just something amazing about cooking and chomping down on meals cooked over a grill or an open fire that you just can’t experience at the home kitchen or microwave. Cooking with friends and family is also ideal when lighting up the bonfire to roast some marshmallows and hotdogs. A lot of great dishes can be prepared with a simple fire and basic cooking utensils, so just pick your favorite recipe and get cooking. Don’t feel like cooking your meals outdoors? Just prepare some snacks at home and call your friends over for a fun and fresh picnic.


Sure going to the local amusement park or looking over the city via bird’s-eye view can be a treat, but let’s face it, nature trumps buildings and parks any day of the week. Something about the majestic mountains or the coolness of a blue lake just sparks something inside all of us. Maybe it’s our natural inclination to nature as humans? Or maybe the natural beauty of the living earth is just too amazing to dismiss. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that the majesty of mother nature shows if we take the time to look up and out of our smartphones and city lives.


Fresh air. Natural obstacles. Natural sunlight filtering through. Why haven’t you been exercising outside all this time? This especially helps if you live near a natural path perfect for any of the physical workouts you’re used to. Biking, rock climbing, jogging, yoga. All of these activities are much more beneficial when done out in the elements as opposed to doing it inside an environment that’s too controlled. Just make sure you’ve prepared the proper gear and yourself for what’s to come ahead.

Finding Inspiration

Whether its for work or something you just love to do, you can end up getting frustrated once you’re in a rut. Best advice to try to get your brain gears turning once again? Take a walk outside. Immersing yourself in an environment you aren’t too used to can help jumpstart your brain and nab you some great ideas along the way. You don’t have to go too far from civilization either. A wide park with grass, trees, some flowerbeds and a few benches are a perfect setting to help get unstuck from your problem.

Got your list written out? Well get ready, get set and go out there to start your exploits in the outdoors.