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5 Ways to Evade Common Travel Mishaps


Each year, hundreds to thousands of people get into travel mishaps every day. From small bruises to full on hospitalization, misfortune can befall even the most careful of explorers out there.

But have you ever wondered what are the most common bumps, bruises and injuries you can get while on a journey in the wide world out there? We give you a list of some of the most regularly occurring accidents that can happen while you go out and see the world:

Pool Panic

You’d think a quick dip in the pool wouldn’t pose any threat to your well-being, right? That kind of thinking is what’ll get you in trouble next time you take a hotel pool lightly. Some of the most common accidents happen to people who cannonball or jump into a pool that is too shallow, resulting in a lot of terrible bumps and bruises. Other accidents include people slipping in the pool area due to flip-flop wear. Always mind the pool rules and leave your slippers on the lounge area!


Skier Shenanigans

Everybody knows there are dangers to mountain skiing like avalanches and the utter confusion of moving about in deep snow. But it’s not the timid beginner skiers that get into accidents most of the time but the intermediate and expert skiers. While the beginners have an instructor to help them close to the lodges, experts could be breaking their bones around some of the more dangerous slopes farther from any civilization. Medical help can get delayed due to the limitations of a snowy landscape so always mind yourself and inform others where you are going.


Sporty Antics

Being active during your vacation time is a great way to keep active during your free time. But with every sport comes a few accidents here and there that could potentially land you at the hospital. Maybe you get knocked down to the ground during a friendly rugby game or maybe you literally flip over an extremely fast Jet Ski ride. Not being too careful when indulging in some physical fun is a one way ticket to injury town, so always be mindful of your safety.


Food Flops

Before you become overly suspicious of your next hotel meal, just remember food has a time limit and can’t always be the deliciously safe morsels you picture them out to be. Some conditions such as storage or how they are grown or raised can affect how easily they can spoil. Other factors such as how they are cooked, reheated or how clean the kitchen is are also huge factors. There’s not much you can do about it but be careful about your meals before you eat them. Just be sure to report any weird smells, flavors or any strange reactions you may have after you’ve tasted the dishes themselves.


Road Rumble

Road accidents can often occur to people who rent cars or have to be chauffeured when in a new country. It mostly happens due to unfamiliar handling of a different car or sometimes from being too distracted by maps and directions instead of looking at the road. Invest in some good insurance or an international medical membership if you’re planning to drive or be driven around in another country so that you can be insured proper care if ever you get into an unfortunate road jam.

Try to take precautions to avoid getting into these frequently happening disasters and you’ll be able to enjoy an incident free vacation. This will keep you from worrying too much and help you to enjoy your free time without watching your back every few moments.