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7 Romantic Getaways

All will agree that dates are considered special wherever it is as long as you are with your special someone. May it be in a classic restaurant with a romantic violinist beside the two of you, a simple movie night with a bucket of cheesy popcorn or even endless talking about random things in a cold night at the park.

But whatever it is, nothing beats spending the days away with your partner in an adventure that will not just make your relationship grow, but will also make your experience richer.

Here are some travel date ideas that can help you and your partner create an unforgettable experience:

Drive through the scenic route

In case you're taking your car, you’ll want to make the journey worth it especially if it takes hours. Take the scenic route where you can witness a sunset, watch the trees dance, and hear the waves hum.

Hike on mountains

Hiking might be dangerous but the good thing about it is that when you get to the top and see the beauty of everything down under, you'll never think about the struggles you and your partner went through. It might not be romantic, yes, but the experience each of you may get from this activity will last a lifetime. Make sure that if you're going to climb a mountain, you plan everything well. Be updated with the latest weather forecast and bring everything that you'll be needing. Research is the key for a successful plan.

Surf the waves, not the net

Some says surfing is fun and treacherous--just like love. If both of you are fond of adventures, then swimming is not enough. Glide along the waters and steal each other's waves as you laugh your hearts out. Don’t forget to sign up for surfing 101 before anything else. You won't want to end your date at the hospital.

Eat your way to the food market

A dinner in a cozy restaurant is so five years ago. Be practical and think of a way in which you both can enjoy and save at the same time. You can search for food markets which offer samples and as much as possible, make sure that both of you grab those free samples! You'll never know, you might get full instantly. This can save you up to 10% of your money.

Watch the sunset

There's nothing more romantic than being with your loved one and witnessing the sunset. The majestic yellow-orange color that fills the sky makes the moment an undeniably memorable experience. Share a cocktail and end the day with a smile on your face.

Go on a picnic--at night

Take the simple picnic idea to the next level--do it at night! Well, missing the sunlight wouldn't hurt because a sky full of stars is worth gazing at right after a good snack and in between of sweet talk. Make it special by lying right beside your partner as you both stare at the wonder of twinkling little stars.

Relax and enjoy

Whatever you're planning to do the whole escapade, may it be hiking, swimming or food tripping, don't forget the idea that you're there to enjoy the company of your partner. Seize the day. Don't let other things distract you from sharing your experience with the love of your life.

Remember, love itself is an adventure that never feels complete without the person whom you treasure the most.