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2017 Budget-friendly European destinations

With some of the world’s most amazing shorelines, historic towns, vibrant metros, and postcard-perfect views found in Europe, many people think that this trip is quite pricey to pursue. However not all places exuding glamour and class are always expensive. Check out this article on affordable places to visit in Europe and see where your dream destination ranks.

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changi airport

Spend a Day at Changi Airport

While most airports have their collections of shops and stores, Changi Airport in Singapore does more than just give passengers bookstores and food stalls. This well-known airport (the 6th busiest in the world) has many other features that you won't find in your typical travel hub. From butterfly gardens to hotel pools and even a fish spa, even non-traveling locals can't resist visiting now and then. Recommended read: What it’s like to spend 48 hours in the world’s craziest airport


Mexico: One of the World’ Much-loved Destinations

Beautiful ruins, colorful houses, winding town roads, jaw-dropping natural formations, tequilas, burritos, and stunning beaches on the Pacific and Caribbean - Mexico is truly the place to be this summer! Despite warnings on travels to the world’s eighth most-visited country, tourists can’t help but be mesmerized by the irresistible wonders it holds. Whether vacations on land and at sea , Mexico will truly leave you in awe of its beauty.

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filming camera

PH Documentary Wins Award in Bangkok

The short documentary film “Two Way Jesus” by direct by Jet Leyco garnered a Night Award at the 5th International Festival Segni della Notte Awards in Bangkok, Thailand. The Night Award “honors films which present reality in an ambivalent and enigmatic way—avoiding stereotypes of representation and simple conclusions” as stated by the event’s official website. The film focuses on a tradition that commemorates jesus Christ’s Crucifixion that is practiced in Cutud, Pampanga.

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