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Acuatico Beach Resort: Mango Tours in Balitang America

This week, Mango Tours and Balitang America take you on a trip to the water wonderland of Acuatico beach resort where sun, sand and waves all meet to wash your worries away. Found in Laiya, Batangas, Acuatico makes sure your stay will be a delightful twist of modern design, natural landscapes and fun activities. If you need the rest and relaxation, this place will deliver.

This place has everything for anybody: 21 wonderfully cozy rooms in a blend of Balinese and contemporary design with included LCD TV and free WiFi access for those looking to stay in and rest their troubles away. If you're not a fan of the sand and sea, a dip around the infinity pool complete with floating bar, spa treatments, pool sports for the active vacationers and many other services might just be the ticket to your ultimate getaway.

So book a stay now and get ready to fall into the lap of a beautiful and classy vacation for you and your loved ones.

Acuatico Beach Resort package Mango Tours

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