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Airport Errors You Can Avoid


The airport is the common ground for all travelers across the world. It is a place where every tourist must wait in before their dreams of flying towards a dream vacation become a reality. But between the large crowds of people, early and late flight schedules and expensive all around, your stay at the airport can be very stressful and frustrating at times.

Here are a few common mistakes airport occupiers find themselves in and how to avoid or correct them:


Sitting Too Close to the Gate

Oftentimes, travelers think it’s a good idea to sit really close to the departure gate so that they can be the first to enter the plane. In today’s fast-paced and modern airports, there are systems and rules enforced to make sure that the plane is not immediately crowded. Using the seat numbers, airlines can easily file people into the cabin without any fuss. Avoid sitting too close to the gates as impatient travelers will rush and crowd the front of the lines even with this simple numbering system in effect. Just keep positive while waiting within close proximity to your departure gate and you'll be okay.


Devices Powered Down

Having your devices power down during the flight or even before departing from the airport can really leave you feeling frustrated, but oftentimes it is the result of negligence on the owner's part. Leaving mobile data or keeping certain apps open for long periods of time can be especially draining on the device. If available, opt for a power saver setting and set your audio and internal lighting to lower levels in order to preserve the battery life. If there is an open plug nearby, try charging it as long as you can before the departure call. The smartphone is the lifeblood of a lot of travelers nowadays so always make sure its powered up and ready for long journeys.


Lining at the Wrong Departure Area

An honest mistake that can really twist your travel plans around. This airport mistake is the result of airport schedule delays, chaotic crowds and faulty announcement systems. When waiting for your plane to arrive, especially an hour or 30 mins. before your scheduled flight, confirm the information on your ticket with the person in charge of the gate you’ve been assigned to. With the noise of the crowds at the waiting area and maybe your sleepiness during early morning traveling, you’re bound to miss important gate change announcements.


Hunger While Waiting

If you forsake packing foods thinking there is a lot to buy at the airport, you’re severely mistaken. Airport snacks and meals have been known to be a lot more expensive, burning holes into the wallets of hungry travelers. If you plan on eating any big meals while waiting for your next flight. Just make your food or buy some from a nearby grocery or convenience store before entering the airport so you’ll be sure to keep your hunger in check before your trip. It always pays to have a delicious, inexpensive meal before getting to the airport as well.


Too Tired for Traveling

Sometimes the most affordable of travels have us waking up in the darkest of twilight or at the crack of dawn just to catch a flight. This can more often than not result in you acting like a sleepy mess upon arriving at the airport’s waiting area. If you arrive several hours too early for your flight, you can still catch some Z’s by taking a nap on an open bench or while sitting on the floor, your back against a wall. Use a jacket or a couple of soft shirts as a pillow and rest your head for a while. Just don’t forget to secure your bags and set an alarm or you might find yourself regretting taking a trip to slumber land.

Mistakes and mishaps regularly occur at airports can result in really annoying and stressful predicaments. The only way to avoid these occurrences is by always being prepared to face anything that comes your way. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be sure to win the airport waiting game.

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