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Amazing and Extreme Sports


Extreme sports are exhilarating practices that test the strength of both the mind and the body. Not all people can handle it, but maybe learning how to get into an extreme sport or (learning to appreciate them at least) would be a great way to bring a little excitement your life if you find your routine getting a little mundane.

Here are a few interesting extreme sports that have reputations for making people travel across the world for one thrill after another:


BASE Jumping

BASE is an acronym for Building, Antenna, Span and Earth. This means that these amazing and risky jumps are done from places a little closer to the ground than the typical skydiver. Some BASE jumper travel across the world finding various mountains, hundred story buildings and other tall places to jump from and parachute. While the view is amazing and the adrenaline is plentiful, you could risk your life without proper training and techniques.


Cave Diving

While normal scuba diving is a picturesque swim through the colorful world under the sea, cave diving is a little more exciting with a bit of danger to it as well. Divers don the usual gear but are also outfitted with flashlights and other gear used for operating dark and twisted underwater caves. Think of it as spelunking beneath the waves. Exotic oceans in the southeast where the tropical atmosphere dominates is often the destination of practiced cave divers.


Ice Climbing

If you thought Mountain climbing was dangerous, imagine trying to climb slippery ice-laden mountainsides. While it can be a bit dangerous without the proper gear and training, the view from the mountainside while the sun reflects on the powdery snow. Countries with large mountains bathed in a constantly cold climate are the usual destinations of these brave souls.


Big Wave Surfing

As the name implies, this type of surfing encapsulates the saying "go big or go home". Only the biggest waves are used for this sport, so surfers are willing to travel across the world to catch the largest swells. These waves are twice or even thrice as large as the surfers themselves, so you can imagine the immense weight of the water if you wipe out. That said, gliding across the semi-cylindrical waters and feeling the salty ocean air on your face proves to be a sensation most surfers say cannot be recreated anywhere else.


White-Water Rafting

White-water rafting is an extreme sport you can enjoy with friends. Hopefully, you and your friends are very fit and experienced or you might all end up with a few bumps and bruises here and there while your inflatable rafts bumps and grinds against the waters and rocks in the surrounding areas. Use teamwork to navigate the turns and corners of the speeding rapids as best as you can. This sport is often done in rapids in the bosom of mother nature, so expect a lot of fresh air and clear skies around you.

These extreme sports are best done under the watchful eye of a professional or after a duration of training, but the thrill and excitement some of these sports hold can make amazing and memorable experiences that you’ll be sure to keep with you throughout the years.

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