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Beach Weddings: Dreams by the Seaside

Beach Weddings: Dreams by the Seaside

Officially becoming husband and wife with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with usually only comes once in a lifetime. But the preparations, from the cake to the guests to the ceremony theme, can be a real pain on the posterior. But one venue can help answer all of your problems in one go: The Beach! Here are a few reasons why beach weddings are the best:

Calming Atmosphere

The beach is a place people often link to relaxation and nature. Unlike the big city church weddings, the vibe of a beach-held wedding is one perfect for a relaxing. The waves on the shore, the soft sand in your feet and the salty tang of the air all make up for chill memories of your special day.

Beach Weddings: Dreams by the Seaside

Less is More

In big city ceremonies, planning and costs can be a total nightmare. There’s renting two different venues for both the ceremony and the reception, there’s decorations for both places, there’s costs for seating and food amounts per head, there are costs for both formal tuxedos and a beautiful wedding guests. It can be a nightmare to process through all of it. But for beach weddings, all you need are some light white colored clothes, some driftwood and floral accents, a chairs for all your guests and enough barbecue and fun outdoor foods to spare and you’re good to go.

Ocean Romance

What could be more romantic than spending your special day with your significant other over on the beach, exchanging vows for your eternal love for each other? Sitting on the sands and playing around in the water while you watch the sun set slowly into a beautiful deep orange. When night falls, go and enjoy a dinner of tender seafood by candlelight together. Ahhhh Love!

Beach Weddings: Dreams by the Seaside

All in One Package

Having your wedding at beautiful and private beach resort not only covers ceremony and reception venues but can also include your honeymoon destination. Some beach resorts also include amazing vacation packages that can host island hopping adventures, spa treatments and more. If you’re looking to get have fun along with the family, you can book a few other rooms for them to stay over once the ceremony is over.

So if you’re planning on being united with the love of your life forever, look for some awesome and beautiful beach resort locations to have something beautiful and memorable you can both share for the rest of your lives.