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Beautiful Beachfront Resorts in the Philippines

beautiful beachfront resorts

A beach resort or is like a home away from home. A relaxing and luxurious venue that allows you to escape from the stressful work life or gives you the chance to connect with the family if you’re a busy worker.

The Philippines is home to fantastic beaches and beautiful landscapes with a tropical flair. People from all around the world enjoy the friendly smiles of the staff as they lay back and soak in the sun or play along the shoreline. A good resort provides comfy and clean accommodations for their guests, natural or man-made attractions and most importantly, a tidy and relaxing atmosphere for guests to enjoy a stress free stay. In this list are five beautiful beach resorts in the Philippines that will help you relax on your downtime:

Misibis Bay Resort (Bacacay, Albay) Found in Albay, a place made known by its perfectly shaped Mayon Volcano, Misibis Bay Resort combines natural ocean and mountain settings with clean, spacious rooms and modern amenities like a spa and fitness center. This private island resort is a perfect place to take your family to because it is never usually crowded and it wonderfully quiet. Many of the facilities are also quite safe so your little darlings can move around the hotel without you worrying too much. You can also reserve Misibis Bay for weddings to make your memories of this once in a lifetime event truly beautiful and amazing.

Shangri-la Resort & Spa (Cebu) With comfy, fully stocked rooms, six restaurants, 24-hour room service, babysitting services and more, you know you’re going to have relaxing time at the Shangri-la Resort & Spa in Mactan, Cebu. Being close to a city has its perks, with all of the sights and conveniences just a short drive away. But the beautiful buildings and fabulous service can go head to head with the splendid blue of the waters and the feel of the sand grains between your toes. A beautiful resort area plus a marvelous beach setting equals a stay in paradise.

Miniloc Island Resort (El Nido, Palawan) You asked for a charming coastal resort? You’ll get your charming coastal resort when you book a stay at the Miniloc Island Resort in Palawan. Set in a beautiful cove with a sheer cliff of limestone as its backdrop, Miniloc Island Resort is nothing short of picturesque. Straw huts facing the beach just prime for all kinds of watersports and activities is just the ticket you need to shed your troubles away and wrap yourself in the warm tropical bliss of sunshine and ocean waves.

Paras Beach Resort (Cagayan de Oro) Originally built as private beach house for the Paras Family, it has become a well known staple of vacation in Cagayan de Oro. The panoramic view and the sandbar are just some of the relaxing attractions you’ll get to indulge in when you stay for the night (or two). Just a short ride from the capital town of Mambajao, the beach resort is located at the edge of the island towards a refreshing ocean area. It’s a beautiful way to spend your vacation under the sun, over the sand and into the sea even.

Pearl Farm Resort Davao (Davao) The pristine beach in this resort frames the abundance of the natural beauty you can only find in Davao while this gem of a resort is nestled in between. The nature and fresh air you can breather here really gives you a feeling of being free and relaxed. But even a nature-filled resort like this is not without some of its more modern attractions. The Maranao Restaurant and the Parola Bar are great places to wine and dine while overlooking the ocean as the sun goes down. A great way to end this a beautiful day on your down time.

The Philippines is full of interesting resorts and beautiful landscapes. Taking your pick of the multitude of places to go to for your vacation is just the beginning of the fun you’ll experience wading in the waters and bathing in the sun. From restaurants to natural caves, each resort offers something different and new for you to experience in your life,

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