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Mango Tours' Top Travel Destination List!

Another year. Another collection of amazing destinations. In 2015 we covered resorts, beaches and other wonderful places.

Let’s recap a few:

best-travel-destinations-of-2015 MG3361

Sometimes, living in a big city can make you crave fresh open spaces. Head on over to Batangas to commune with the natural surroundings once more.

best-travel-destinations-of-2015 IMG_3279

best-travel-destinations-of-2015 PicoDeLoro-37

Acuaverde, Pico Sands and Acuatico Beach Resort are a few places you can relax in.

best-travel-destinations-of-2015 underground7

best-travel-destinations-of-2015 underground15

Want more nature? Taking a trip to Puerto Princesa will give you just that. You’ll take in the sights of the forests and snap photos of attractions like the Underground River.

best-travel-destinations-of-2015 IMG_4469

Accommodations you can stay in include Princesa Garden and Hotel Centro.

best-travel-destinations-of-2015 cor20

best-travel-destinations-of-2015 cor9

Coron has wonders hidden in each of the islands surrounding it. Hopping between them gives you the chance to see places like the chill Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon.


Stay over at One Averee Bay Hotel.


Albay is a perfect place to stage your dream wedding. A romantic beach beats a plain church any day! A perfect escape if you want a quiet haven with a calming vibe.


Hang out over at Misibis Bay for all your relaxing or event needs.


Old and young alike will love the unchanging Taal. It’s a timeless place that features cool, crisp winds and the majestic Taal Volcano.

tagaytay - taal vista -27

Stay over at Taal Vista Hotel for a taste of nostalgia in luxury.

2015 gave us so many things to do and places to see. Take the plunge and look into booking a trip to these eye-opening destinations!

Until next time, enjoy your travels.

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