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Canadian Dollar as Payment Option on

Canadian Dollar as Payment Option on

Last year’s launch of’s enhanced website alongside the new dynamic booking engine was designed with US dollars (USD) as its default currency for transactions. Now, purchasing airfares has become a little less of a hassle for customers with the Canadian dollars (CAD) as a new currency option.

So whether you’re a traveler from Canada or not, currency exchange doesn’t have to be a problem anymore since one can opt to pay directly in Canadian currency, making smoother transactions and more direct bookings.

With Mango Tours’ wide selection of airfares, tour packages, and partner airlines, customers are guaranteed to get their money’s worth from convenient and affordable choices.

Get started on your simple and easy travel booking with’s improved booking engine! Choose your preferred currency type to suit your convenience when purchasing airfare or other travel-related services by simply using currency drop-down box.

Canadian Dollar as Payment Option on

With this new feature, planning and purchasing your travel needs on are a lot more convenient and guaranteed safe and secure.


Foreign transaction and other applicable fees imposed by the credit card company may apply.

Canadian Dollar as Payment Option on