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Child Safety Abroad

Children are our little treasures. For this reason, some families love to bring them along for the trip, making memories for both them and their little ones. But safety is important as well when it comes to taking your kids out to an unfamiliar territory. From losing sight of them to foreign diseases, it pays to walk the extra mile when it comes to looking out for your children when you’re out on a trip.

Before a trip, a good idea would be to research a little on the places you’ll be going and activities you’ll be doing. Sometimes looking out for potential hazards, foreign illnesses and the like will give you a heads up on what to expect. This will give you a chance to stock upon any over the counter medication and prepare appropriate clothes for your baby or kids. A quick checkup with a pediatrician a few weeks before the trip will make sure your little ones will be nice and healthy before your trip as well, making sure they are not susceptible to inconvenient sicknesses that will totally ruin an otherwise good trip.

While traveling, making sure to keep track of your kids is a must, especially if they’re the excitable kind. When traveling, always pin a phone number and any other important information with a child in case they get lost from you. Make sure to include as much contact details as you can without revealing so much. Dress them modestly, no jewelry or expensive accessories or clothes, to avoid them being targeted by kidnappers or muggers. It would also be good idea to teach the kids and yourself what the local police look like so that you know who to go to in case something happens, but an ounce of prevention would be better than frantically running around panicked.

For those rowdy children, it’s not fun for yourself and other people when they cry during the plane ride or when you walk around. Small toys that aren't easy to lose or a small picture book will be a great alternative to lending them your expensive phones or tablets. If they’re able to write, give them a small notebook and ask them to design their own travel journal they can look over in the future. Bring a few stickers, a little glue and ask them to keep tiny tickets so that you can post and paste while on a ride or when you get to a rest stop during the trip.

Traveling with kids can be a fun and memorable experience if you take the right precautions and prepare accordingly before the leaving date. Keeping the small people in your life close while keeping them safe is not only good parenting, but also a way you show and care for them. Who knows? The trip might bring you closer and provide you something to look back on when your little babies are grown up and maybe taking their own little kids on safe adventures abroad.