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Chill Places to Spend Your Philippine Vacation

chill places to spend you Philippine Vacation

Did you know that not all of the Philippines is all warm and tropical? Some of its attractions and towns can be a (literally) cool wonderland, a great place to escape from the heat and enjoy different kinds of plants and animals that usually don't appear anywhere else in the island.

Come and check out a few of the most chill places to be when you visit the Philippines:


Pack your scarf and thick jacket, because we’re going to take a peek at one of the coldest regions of the tropical Philippines. Baguio is pretty chilly because it has been elevated to around 5,000 feet above sea level. Because of this some hotels and malls in the area do not utilize air-conditioning. Because of their unusual climate, many kinds of flowers, trees and some kinds of animals thrive in this little haven. The most notable of these are the strawberry plants that are the pride and joy of the region. Your trip just wouldn’t be complete without picking and buying a multitude of strawberry products to bring home.


With its height a little over 5,300 feet from sea level, Sagada was discovered by Episcopal Missionaries to be just the right temperature to be able to grow lemons in the 1900’s. But it’s not just juicy lemons that grow in the Philippine Shangri-la., but a variety of fruit that would otherwise wither if the weather were any warmer. The cold is especially noticeable at night where it becomes almost winter-like or if you take a dip in the waters of Sumaguing Cave and looking over the Kiltepan, a vantage point that showcases a vast expanse of clouds.


As with the other items on this list, banaue is a place high above the sea level (around 4,900 feet). Within the area, the Ifugao province is where you can find some of the highest and steepest of the terraces. The higher the altitude, the chillier it can get so don’t go wearing clothes that are too loose or skin baring. If you’re wondering how the rice can go in such cold climates, it’s because the rice up there are a special kind that can survive cold weather. Banaue is a perfect place to get a view so put on some climbing shoes so that you can take a nice cold picture at the top of some peaks (make sure your camera is cold resistant.)


Located a little over an hour from the city of Manila. Because of the amazing view of Taal Volcano, the worlds smallest active volcano, and also its low temperatures, many high class people have built summer houses and the like in the area. Imelda Marcos, widow of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, once invited Ronald and Nancy Reagan to their mansion, “The Palace in the Sky”, that lay 2,300 feet above sea level. It is now known as the “People’s Park in the Sky” and is one of the best places to cool off when you’ve been under the sun for way too long.

Lake Sebu

Surrounded by beautiful trees and connected to 7 majestic waterfalls, Lake is a gift from mother nature to the people of the Philippines and the tourists of the world. The town of Lake Sebu can be found to in the highlands of South Cotobato and is home to the indigenous T’boli and Ubo tribes. Because of its fresh and natural settings, the area is a great eco-tourism destination. Because of the multiple waterfalls, the multitude of oxygen producing trees and the nearly untouched land, the climate there hardly rises above 77 F or 25 C. A perfect temperature to sit back and enjoy the view.

If you’re looking for something a little different from the warmth of the Philippine air, come and check out these places to stay frosty.