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Christmas Time Worldwide


We all love Christmas, right? We love the decorations, presents, togetherness and goodwill for all men all around us. The Christmas time certainly is a time of goodwill But not all Christmases are created equal. All countries have their own little touches that make the season brighter in their own little ways.

Here are some ways different households across the world celebrate the season of Christmas:



Christmas comes in towards the beginning of the summer holidays in Australia. Children usually have their summer holidays between the middle of December to the first half of February, so people. But even with the warm weather, the yuletide spirit still shines through with a regular bout of caroling, decorations and other Christmas revels.

Because of the heat at Christmas time in Australia, bush fires appear across the country. Many volunteer bush fire fighters are involved in saving people and property and travel from all over Australia to help in other states.



Mexican Christmas time begins from December 12 to the 6th of January. It is between December 16 to Christmas Eve that children from different families perform the ‘Posada’ procession (‘Posada’ meaning ‘Inn’ or ‘Lodging’ in Spanish). There are 9 processions all in all that recount the story of Mary and Joseph looking for a place to stay all the way until the Nativity of Jesus.

The Posada begins with children making their way between houses, holding candles and small figures of Mary and Joseph. Through each house, they encourage the household to sing songs and then ask them if there is a place to stay. Several houses will tell them there is no room, but one home will welcome them and they will pray and bless the house afterwards.



While not a religious celebration in their country due to the prevalent influence of Shintoism, Buddhism and other religions, Christmas time is still an event of peace and joy for many people there.

The usual fanfare of exchanging presents and celebrating with friends and family is still present, but Christmas is also a time for couples and romance as much as it is for peace and joy. This season is rampant for jewelry sales and pair discounts as many lovebirds like to celebrate the season together romantically.



In Italy, their view of Christmas puts importance on the Nativity crib scene. A vast majority of Italian families have a nativity crib within their homes when celebrating the season.

The tradition of having a crib in your home became popular during the 16th century and is still a mainstay in the modern times. Cribs are usually set out during the 8th of December, but the figure of a baby Jesus is not put inside it until the night of December 24.



Christmas season in the Philippines is considered one of the longest in the world. As early as September, shops and other public establishments start sales for seasonal items and decorations while blaring Christmas carols on their speakers.

Formally, the real Christmas season starts on the 16th of December and people begin a special series of holy masses in the wee hours of the morning (usually before dawn). These special church masses are called “Misa de Gallo” or “Simbang Gabi” in the native tongue. Because of the high percentage of Catholic practitioners within the Philippines, Christmas is a very big deal for a lot of Filipinos.

No matter where you’re from, the season of Christmas time is one of goodwill and joy. A time where we can get together and wish all the best to those around us, whether they’re strangers or people who are close to us. No matter how you celebrate the season, remember to have yourself a merry Christmas.