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Christmas with the Children's Joy Foundation


Christmas is truly one of the best holidays of the season: a time of sharing gifts with one another, celebrating time with your family, good food on the table and holiday cheer happens across the world. But for the less fortunate, a simple Christmas celebration may not even be possible with how harsh life can be for them.

It just takes a little generosity and kindness to help make things a little better and Mango Tours offered just that to a number of young Filipino individuals from the Children’s Joy Foundation. The Children’s Joy Foundation is a non-stock non-profit organization aim is to help poverty-stricken youths by protecting them, caring for them and helping develop them into productive members of society. Part of this process is letting the young boys and girls experience the true joy of generosity during the Christmas time.

As their corporate social responsibility and as a way to help develop the future of the country’s young people, Mango Tours invited these youthful individuals to celebrate the holidays with them during the annual company Christmas on December 4, 2016. Offerings of delicious meals, wonderful gifts and lots of seasonal cheer are sure to be a highlight for these youngsters and will surely help develop them into caring adults that will help do the same for any unfortunate youths out there in the future.

Now on its 5th year of helping the foundation support these children, Mango Tours continues to assist in developing the young minds of these kids and giving them a positive outlook on life. The children truly are our future and something like a simple Christmas party can truly help brighten their world and teach them the true value of giving.

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