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Convenient Traveling Tools for Everyone


They say you need to use the right tool for the right job. For traveling, there are a lot of little items you can use to great effect to make the traveling a lot easier on you.

Ticket Holder

A good ticket holder can not only hold your plane tickets but can also hold important documents like your passport, ID’s and anything else you need for the flight in one place. This item is especially useful for people who love to travel all of the time, but scatterbrained or forgetful flyers are welcome and maybe even advised to get one for themselves. If you think it's a waste of time and money, picture yourself looking through a messy bag trying to find a ticket while everybody else is already boarding the plane. Not a fun scenario.

Small Pouches

One pouch for chargers. One pouch for notebooks and reading material. Another for undies and socks. Pouches are a great way to micro-organize your bag into smaller subsection and lessening the initial confusion you get from an unorganized mix of clothes, electronics and anything else you might take with you. Make sure to label the different pouches or buy different kinds so you can easily differentiate one from the other.

Ziplock and Microfiber Towel

Similar to pouches but much more waterproof, ziplock bags are essential if you’re going to places with lots of snow or rain. If you don't want any of your electronic devices to get shorted out or wet, be sure to bring as many of these items as you need. Aside from keeping your devices dry, it also keeps your creams, soaps and shampoos secure and stops them from leaking all over your bag during a rough journey. As for the microfibre towel, it’s always good to have a multifunctional item, whether it's for drying yourself off, covering your nose in a dusty trail or wiping off the sweat from your brow.

Compact Hand-carry Bag

Also called a “daypack”, having a smaller, easier to carry bag to help you carry your essential items instead of lugging around your roller bag or suitcase all day is a lot more convenient (and easier on your back). Make sure it is small and easy to carry for when you’re on foot in the streets while being spacious and sturdy enough to carry all your essential items (extra shirt, water, devices, etc.)

Swiss Army Knife

...or anything similar, at least. It's the all-around tool with everything you need and more, being compact yet having multiple useful features. From small knives to can openers, there are so many tools you can use in multiple situations inside and outside of the city setting. Campers and hikers will especially find a lot of use for this item as it can be applied to jobs like cooking, cleaning, foraging and even first aid.

Everybody has their own preferences when it comes to organizing the items they’ll want to have with them during their travels. Having these basic items, though, are a boon for any traveler worth his or her salt and can make your trip a whole less stressful and chaotic.

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