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Creative Travel Photo Ideas


Pictures are a great way to make memories last as long as they can. With the introduction of digital photography, it has become even faster and easier to multiple photographs in one go. It’s a shame most people only keep it on their hard drives or in digital albums online.

Get a bit creative with your pictures! Here are a few great ways you can display your pictures in real life through clever and creative methods:

Binder Albums

Just print a handful of photographs in the same size, punch a few holes on the corners and put it all together with a couple of binder rings. This method is very simple and the materials are very easy to find. The result is a stylish and convenient little album. fold up maps or travel brochures and punch holes in them too for more info on your journeys and travels.

Blow up a Single Photo

Pick your best photo and blow it up into a full-fledged portrait you can hang in your living room or around your work area. It can become an effective topic of conversations during parties or when you have friends and family over. pick something that provokes your thoughts, that speaks to you or just something that is most memorable or good-looking in your opinion.

Create a Photo Wall

A little tedious but well worth the effort. Pick a wall or a portion of the wall where you will collage all of your travel photos. Think of it as a photograph wallpaper of all your travels. You can get creative by using a colored marker and add little notes or markings on the pictures themselves, like putting a date when the trip was embarked on or maybe a short description of what happened in the said photo.

Turn it into a Calendar

Find a high-quality printing business and have your photographs turned into yearly calendars. Use the photos of the current year as the photos for the calendar for the next year and get ready for months of nostalgia and laughter.Like the blow-up picture method, pick only the most memorable and engaging photos.

Put it on the Map

Buy yourself a big map and post the pictures specific to each part of the world you visited . Put in a few small notes if you'd like to really flesh out your story. This is the easiest yet most fun way to record your travels around the world, one photograph at a time.

There are so many fun and creative ways to display your photos, so do a little research and try other methods aside from these five listed here. There is no wrong or right, it's all up to you.

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