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Cultural Stereotype: A Shadow Over Appreciating Diversity

Cultural Stereotype

The world has always been a collection of so many different and wonderful things. From the unforgiving deserts to the deepest of oceans, mankind has learned to embrace their surroundings and adapt accordingly. This has lead to so many differences in the way people live, look and act all over the world.

This is a beautiful thing. It’s like the intermingling of so many beautiful and vibrant flowers in a single, miraculous garden of life. Each culture is beautiful in their own ways and each race is so diverse and interesting.

But not everyone can accept the beauty of diversity. Some people even abhor it, claiming their own race as superior or even going as far as undermining another because of their appearance or racial inclination.

As long as differences are present in the world, racism will always rear its ugly head. But how has such a terrible subject like racism even come to exist in this world? There are many different factors as to why racial discrimination and hate have come to exist.

Many believe that one of the greatest influences of racial discrimination and stereotyping were the slave trades. Uneducated by the civilized western standards, many dark skinned tribes were captured and made into hard labourers and treated akin to wild animals. Because of their skin color and features, these ancestors to the modern african-american were treated terribly and made fun of just because it was custom.

Cultural Stereotype

Even now, traces of these hateful attitudes still worm their way into society, often being taught to the younger generation at early ages by a long line discriminators. The dominance over the people of color made them believe that they were all uncultured and primitive, ignoring the fact that a large portion of the world is moving forward and changing their “uncultured” ways towards the future.

cultural stereotype

False stories or media glorification also has a hand in this stereotyping. A good example would be bombing of planes by middle eastern terrorists, often used by the media to sell the news. True there have been a large number of terrorist bombings by middle-eastern people, but that does not equate to all of the people there to be violent warmongering suicide bombers. Even the non-lethal aspects of some cultures and races like their broken english or the economic standing of their home country can offend and alienate these people who may not even emulate the ideas perceived of them.

Cultural Stereotype

Cultural Stereotype

Because of ignorance, things like the portrayal of african people as wild, cannibalistic savages or chinese people being bucktoothed skinflints crawled into western culture through old cartoons, artist portrayals and even newspaper articles or documentaries. These spread the idea of these figures, foreign from the western world, as laughable lesser beings.

Even the west itself is not free from stereotyping with the hillbilly/redneck and obesity vision people people have for the Americas while the people in Britain apparently have overly pompous attitudes and terrible dental problems. No one is safe from this complex chain of inferiority.

Behind the clothes, skin color and language, we are all the same people with the same red blood flowing in our veins and the same air of this great blue earth passing through our lungs. Despite this, false ideas, close mindedness and the unwilling attitude some people have to learn about people of color results in hateful bickering and countless offenses. If people treated each other simply as people, the world would be a little less darker and a lot more accepting