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Culturally Aware in South Korea

culturally aware

South Korea is an interesting and bright place that loves to accept and entertain tourists from different countries and walks of life. But as with every culture around the world, there are taboos and culturally unacceptable things which you should be mindful of when you are visiting the country of K-pop and trendy fashions.

Here we list a few obscure yet important points you should be mindful of when you’re taking a trip to this beautiful Asian country:

Chopsticks Usage

While there is often a spoon during mealtimes, customs and certain foods are often always eaten with chopsticks. Learn how to handle them properly from a friend who knows or the internet and you can dine as the Koreans do.

Don’t Wave

Waving is considered a universal greeting. In Korea, though, every meeting starts with a bow. From a very respectable kneeling head to the floor bow to a simple nod of the head, there are different gestures for every occasion.

Using Both Hands

Never receive gifts or assist somebody with only one hand. Handling important items with only one hand is considered a disrespectful action, so always use two hands when receiving or giving something.

Mind your Shoes

Shoes inside a house and some establishments are a big no-no over in Korea. Make sure you bring shoes that are comfy and easy to take off when sightseeing or if you’re planning to visit a Korean friend at their home.

No Gestures

Don’t point at people when you want to direct someone’s attention. Pointing at people is considered another rude gesture that you should avoid. Instead, try using your whole hand to point or place your hand over the person you're trying to point out.

Avoid PDA

That's Public Displays of Affection for those not in the know. If you and your hubby are thinking of taking a romantic trip to South Korea, try to avid getting too affectionate in public. Showing affection within the public eye is frowned on by the people in the country, so save the cuddling and kissing for when you’re in a private place,

Respecting the culture and learning about the do’s and don’ts of each country you visit is your responsibility as a tourist. Just keep these points in mind and you can avoid accidentally incurring a cultural taboo through your journey.

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