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Culture Scope: Mas Wood Carvers of Bali

mas wood carvers

This month we scope out the wood carvers of the Mas Village in Bali, Indonesia. This art village has been known to produce amazing works of art from the local lumber through careful and steady handiwork. Usually depicting figures of human life and naturalism, their most prominent works are often people or deities in nice smooth forms and poses.

With their village on the map for most Bali tours, the townspeople take pride in their craft and have passed it onto the next generations, refining it as years go by. One of their main sources of income are the selling of souvenirs to both local and foreign tourists. Although they are primarily identified as a sculpting village, they have since taken steps to promote themselves with several tourism attractions. One of these attractions is the Rudana Museum, a monumental collection of Bali’s art, especially of the painted variety.

The Mas Village is easily reachable from any direction and is one of the country's most prominent attractions. You can find the starting point of the village at Sakah junction, identified with a large statue of a baby.