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Economic Europe: Travels on a Budget


Who doesn’t want to experience a piece of Europe? Grandiose architecture. Tastebud tingling food. Beautiful culture. Everything you’d ever want to experience in life is all here. Unfortunately, you’ll need to keep up with big prices and expenses if you want to enjoy your vacation. Or do you?

Here are a few ways you can make the most of your European vacation without spending too much:


Avoid Summer Travels

While the summertime may seem like an ideal period to have your vacation in Europe, prices begin to skyrocket to accommodate the summer rush of tourists and travelers. This means that even the basic expenses are bumped up a little bit in line with the season. If you can, try booking your flight off-season to avoid this.


Picnic Lunches

Picnics can save you a lot of money. Ten dollars can get you a fine picnic lunch for two in most parts Europe. Upon arrival, stock up on drinks and snacks from the local stores. Many grocery stores have elegant deli sections. You can eat these handy little lunches on train rides or lounge in a park that allows picnics to soak in the sun and enjoy yourselves.


Find the Free

Despite common beliefs that everything in Europe has a price, there are quite a selection of things you can enjoy there that won't cost you a Euro. No-charge concerts, film festivals, and museums in Amsterdam, Berlin and Italy are found in many different places. Be sure to catch the time and the venue, though, as some of these free events are often short and available on certain moments only.


Tourist Perks and Privileges

When arriving in a new city, it pays to stop by the local tourism bureau for discounts, maps, cost-free events and schedules on all the latest happenings at the moment. Exploring the Tourism options in Europe can be a big advantage to any and all travelers.


Make Connections

Both a learning experience and a way to make connections, making friends from other countries online is an optional yet smart move to make. They can give you all the info you’ll need to make the most of your journey and maybe even accompany on your trip to show you the sights. Start somewhere small like a pen pal or travel forums online, but always be mindful of what kind of info you give away.


Take a Walk

When in Europe, walking is probably the most fun and effective way of getting around while still being able to see the sights and experiencing the vibe of the city for yourself. If you really need to use transportation, try to avoid the taxi’s and map out your route using trains, bikes (rentable) and walking routes to save on traveling expenses and really get a feel of your surroundings.

Even in the glorious European continent, there are amazing deals and discounts to be found. It takes a discerning eye, some quick thinking and a lot of information collection to make sure you’re always on top when it comes to money saving during vacations.