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Expat-friendly Countries


Expats, short for “Expatriates”, are people who live outside their origin country for work or any other reason, exist across the globe. While living in a different land might seem like an exciting prospect, there are some which may not be too friendly to foreigners.

But despite this, there are many nations that harbor goodwill and appreciation to their brothers and sisters who come from across the world. Here are a few of these expat-friendly places you might consider staying in:



A stable environment like Belgium is the perfect place to be if you’re planning to start a family and raise kids. This coupled with good healthcare and relative lack of violent crime makes this place a safe place for people to consider moving in and enjoying the fine atmosphere of this West European country.



Malaysia is said to be the place to move to when one seeks excitement and challenges. Being a very affordable country to live in and sporting a unique and beautiful culture, this place is considered to be charming to a lot of travelers. Accommodations and shopping are very economic, giving you comfy choices for living without having to dish out so much money.



Exceptional healthcare, distinct local culture, food that is healthy and delicious. Japan has all of the elements that make it a fine place to lay your home in. Raising children in Japan is also quite fruitful because of its high-quality, affordable education. People here are also quite friendly, going out of their way to assist people.



Australia is praised highly by expats due to its entertainment, weather, and many other great aspects. Public transportation may suffer a bit, but the positives outweigh the negatives. The quality of living is truly top notch in the country down under.



A beautiful place to live in and ranked highly for its weather, and accommodations. Disposable income comes easily to expats here, meaning anything that has to do with money is not too big a problem for the people who decide to live here. World-class shopping and the local foods are also big perks for people who have learned to call this place home.


New Zealand

Its low crime rate has named this country as the “best place for bringing up confident and well-rounded kids”. With a website specifically made to invite expats to live within its shores, New Zealand welcomes the many foreign brothers and sisters around the globe. Expat income is deemed quite low, so do not expect too much in the economics department.



The country is especially good for families because of great childcare and (expensive) education. Singapore's job security may be a bit of a problem, but the country manages to balance it out with its improved quality of life and greater economic opportunities.


Philippines Being an archipelago, the Philippines has quite a few islands that are very welcoming and cozy for expats. The warm weather and variety of environs make this country a bit of a hit and miss for some foreigners. The variety, though, means that there is a home for all kinds of people in this place chock-full of different cultural influences.

If you’re looking for a home away from the country you were born in, look into life within these wonderfully friendly and welcoming countries. You might just find a place you’ll love to settle down in for the rest of your life.

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