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Fall Recreations


The fall season is the time when the leaves start to change color and fall of the branches. A time when fruits and vegetables ripen for picking. The season when the warmth of summer fades into the cold chill of winter. It is a time of change.

Because of the change of season, activities not as fun or as festive during other seasons become readily available. Here are some of the top activities to try that are best done during the autumn season:


Autumn is the season when the harvest is at its peak. Out of all of the crops , the juiciest of them all is the delectable apple. Their beautiful red color and juicy sweetness are literally ripe for the picking. Find a farm that lets you pick your own and enjoy your personal harvest in a pie or as it is.


While you’re in the countryside, you might get the chance to enjoy a good old fashioned hay ride. Enjoy the crisp , chilled country air as you seat yourself on a chair made of bundled and dried grass. A spooky variation happens on Halloween where you go through maze of hay where spooky creatures of the night jump at you.


While we’re on the subject of Halloween, get into the spirit of the holiday as early as now. Go all out and decorate your home with spooky (electric) candles, line your doorway with ghosts and goblins, stock up on candy and start planning an elaborate yet inexpensive costume for yourself,


Even if you aren't a master gardener, planting bulbs can be a fun experience if you learn to do it right. Come springtime, you’ll find your garden (or pot) full of life when the tough, bulbous plant turns into a beautiful flower. Just make sure that you put them into the ground before it becomes too hard to plant and watch out for animals like squirrels digging them up.


When you collect all those crunchy, colorful leaves into a giant pile, what’s the next thing that comes to mind? Jumping in them of course! Before you pack them away to turn to mulch or dispose of, jump into a big colorful pile of the stuff. It may be cliche, but what's wrong with a little out of character fun now and then?


With the variety of colorful leaves here and there, the time is just right for you to collect and press them in between heavy book pages for your personal projects. Once they're completely flat and dry, you can use them in thoughtful cards, string them as decorations, keep them as mementos or anything else you can think of. Look online for some fun tips and ideas.


Pumpkin is another wildly popular crop that is best harvested during this time. Aside from being made into jack-o-lanterns a variety of pumpkin-based treats are totally in season. Try some pumpkin spiced drinks, eat some pumpkin bread and even try a full pumpkin course.

Are any of the items listed here a staple for your Autumn celebration? If they aren’t try them out for yourself and maybe you’ll find yourself doing them every year. Each one of these fun activities are a staple for any spirited individual who just loves the change of seasons.

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