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Here are some of the festivities happening in the Philippines this April:

Magayon Festival

April 1- 30 | Albay, Bicol

Originally conceptualized to commemorate the legend of Mayon Volcano, the celebration of the Magayon Festival has evolved not only to honor the hospitality, strength and resilience of the Albayanos but to give thanks for plentiful harvest as well.

The celebration showcases the cultural life of the people of Albay through agricultural product displays, trade fairs, culinary shows, cultural events, street parades, photo and arts exhibit, sport events and a lot more.


Turumba Festival

April 15, 26 | Pakil, Laguna

Dubbed as the longest celebrated festival in the Philippines, covering seven fiestas, the Turumba Festival marks the seven sorrow of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This religious activity dates back to 1640 when a fisherman found a statuette of our Lady of Sorrows floating in the Laguna Lake. Like any other religious celebration, the Turumba Festival is celebrated with a dancing procession.

Panaad Festival

April 21-22 | Camiguin Island

Panaad is a Cebuano term which literally means promise. The Panaad Festival is an annual holy week activity where devotees perform their religious vow of sacrifice by taking the 64-kilometer uphill walk in circumferential road towards Mt. Vulcan. The procession where the fourteen (14) Stations of the Cross are located is also observed as a penance for sins.

Other festivals:

  • BANANA FESTIVAL: April 1- April 5 | La Castellana, Negros Occidental

  • MANGGAHAN SA GUIMARAS: April 16 20 | Guimaras

  • BANGUS FESTIVAL: April 16- May 4 | Dagupan City, Pangasinan

  • TANDUYONG FESTIVAL: April 17 | San Jose City, Bulacan

  • TINAPAHAN FESTIVAL: April 29- May 1 | Lemery, Batangas

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