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Fantastic Festivals: August

Here are some of the festivities happening in the Philippines this July:

Kadayawan sa Dabaw
3rd week of August | Davao City
Fantastic Festivals: August

Derived from the prehistoric word “madayaw” which also means beautiful, good and profitable, the Kadayawan Festival is an event of thanksgiving. It celebrates the bountiful harvest of Davao’s fertile land, forests and seas.

The Kadayawan festival starts with a street dancing event of students and town locals dressed in colorful ethnic-inspired costumes. Other activities includes a fruit and flower show, trade fair, tribal/civic/military parade, traditional sports activities, music festival, dance and singing contests, horse fight, native and power boat races, Search for Bya'Neng ng Kadayawan or the Miss Kadayawan beauty contest and many more. Truly, this weeklong celebration is a one-of-a-kind Philippine event.

August 4 to 5 | Basco, Batanes
Fantastic Festivals: August

The Palu-Palo Festival in Basco, Batanes is a one-of–a-kind cultural presentation of different municipalities. The Festival got its name from the palu-palo or sticks that were used by the native ivatans to battle with the Spanish and Dutch colonist. The gala showcases the province ethnic group’s rugged yet storied existence through street dancing and cultural show presentations.

August 01 to 16 | Cordova, Cebu
Fantastic Festivals: August

Formerly known as Bakasi Festival, the Cordova Dinagat Festival is an event which showcases the livelihood and fishing culture of the Cordovanhons. A festival whose name derives from the word “Dinagat” which means anything pertaining to the sea, it is characterized by street dancing and an interpretative dance competition based on the fishing rituals and culture of the Cordovanhons in Cebu.

Other festival includes:

LUBI-LUBI FESTIVAL: August 15 | Calubian, Leyte

PAVVU- RULUN FESTIVAL & PADDA NA LIMA: August 15-17 | Tuguegarao, Cagayan

BANKATON: August 20 | Lavezares, Northern Samar

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