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Fantastic Festivals: November 2015

November 22-23 | Angono, Rizal

Celebrated in Honor to their patron saint San Clemente, the Higantes festival in Rizal is an event highlighted by a grand procession which features higantes; a ten-feet paper Mache effigy. Devotees of the patron can also be seen dressed in colorful local costumes, wooden slippers and carrying boat paddles throughout the festival. The street event culminates in a fluvial procession in Laguna de bay until the image of the patron saint is brought back to its sanctuary.

Grand Cordillera Festival
November 22 | Baguio City

Considered to be one of the region’s major events, the Grand Cordillera festival features the gathering of different tribes in a week-long event to celebrate peace and life. This annual event showcases tribal dancing, thanksgiving rituals and performances from different tribes.

Lapu-Lapu City Fiesta
November 21- November 22 | Lapu-lapu City, Cebu

The Lapu-Lapu City Fiesta is a colorful festivity which features a fluvial parade held at the Mactan channel in honor of Nuestra Senora “Virgin of the Rule”. Various entertainment programs and activities were also held during the event.


SANDUROT Philippine Festival
November 22 | Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental

The Sandurot Festival is a joyful celebration of the people of Dumaguete, their innate hospitality, friendliness, and their propensity to live harmoniously with people of different race, religion, and cultural beliefs. Through the course of history and to the present time, the people of Dumaguete have always been known to welcome strangers from different shores and countries, and to live with them in complete peace and understanding.

KANSILAY Philippine Festival
November 5 | Bago City, Negros Occidental

Kansilay is Silay City’s festival about a folktale showing the bravery of beautiful Princess Kansilay who offered her life for justice and freedom. The dance-drama is the highlight of the week-long city fiesta that ends on November 13. The 9-day celebration starts with the celebration of "El Cinco de Noviembre", a one-day bloodless revolution in Silay which caused the surrender of the Spanish civil guards. Commemorative rites in remembrance of "El Cinco de Noviembre" open the 9-day festival.

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