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Father's Day 2015

fathers day 2015

Father’s day 2015

Fathers are pretty great. Sure they can be gruff, overprotective or maybe even unreasonable, but there’s definitely a whole lot of love going on behind the scenes. Dad’s have always been the sturdy stones that have anchored us and made us feel safe when we were kids, maybe even so still as of now. Usually assuming the role of protector and providers.

You can’t help but love your dad as the first man to come into your life. With his goofy jokes and the sweet and sometimes awkward ways he shows affection, you can’t help but smile when confronted by this lovable man.

Go out and do something special with your father figure: Plan out an awesome meal for the whole family or just for the two of you. Make a list of things that he likes that you can do together. Get him something he probably doesn’t like, but you know he needs. At the end of the day, when the sun is about to set, just give your dad a hug and tell him he’ll always be one of the most prominent guys in your life, whether you’re a toddler or have toddlers of your own.