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Favorable Fall: Why Do People Love This Season?

The summer has passed and the season for the falling of leaves, pumpkin spiced products and bundling up on our daily commute has arrived. It’s the Fall season, everybody! People all over the world just love to proclaim their joy for the change of the season.

But maybe you’re a summer lover who’s scratching his head confused at the notion where everybody is rejoicing for a little chilly weather with some pretty-looking leaves falling everywhere? Well don’t worry, because we’ve got some of the best-known reasons why people go gaga with Autumnal love:

Harvest Bounty

The Autumn season is the time when a lot of things become ripe and ready to eat. Apple’s become redder. Pumpkins become bigger. Nuts, berries and mushrooms just pop out all over the place. It’s like food just begins to pop out from all over the place! It’s a great time to visit a farm or orchard and picking the freshest produce of the season.

Autumn-specific Eats

Apples, Pumpkin, Plums, Cranberries, and other delicious fruits and veggies that are in season are incorporated into dishes that are most abundant during the time. From the pumpkin spice latte’s influence to the warm and delicious pies and bread that line the warm shelves of the bakeries and stores. It’s definitely a treat to be able to pick a variety of mouthwatering foods that are incredibly ripe and rich.

Season of Color

Warm oranges, earthy browns, dazzling yellows. If anything defines Autumn, it's the whirlwind of colors the leaves change into. This is the season to inspire your artistic soul, with the world become beautifully solemn and vibrant. It makes you just want to sit back and paint a colorful Fall scene or write a poem about the leaves as they die and change colors in the cool autumn winds.


During this season, the air becomes a lot crisper and it gets a little colder. Many people enjoy the weather that the Autumn time brings: devoid of the summer heatwaves while lacking the numbing cold and snow of the winter. This also means there are fewer bugs buzzing about as the summertime is when they are most active. No more sweaty trips to work (if you don’t own a car) and you’ll feel cooler when jogging or exercising outside.

Fashionable in Fall

The Fall is the perfect time to take out and put on those winter ensembles you’ve been keeping in your closet for 3/4ths of the year. Mix and match your sweaters, boots, scarves and mittens to create a cozy and eye-catching outfit. Autumn is the biggest excuse you can find to break out your favorite wool items and strut around in a look that has both form and function.

Hearty Holidays

Two of the most well-known holidays are celebrated during the fall: Halloween and other harvest-related activities. Halloween is an enjoyable event where people wear costumes of monsters and other creepy monsters and creatures. While it originated from a pagan holiday, the modern version is just a fun way to celebrate all of the scary things that go bump in the night while giving you the chance to dress up as something you aren’t. During this time, fun, Autumn-only activities also begin to pop up as well like hay rides, pumpkin picking and so much more.

A Time of Peacefulness

The fall season spells rest and relaxation for both plants and animals. Hibernation time for large and small mammals alike have them scrambling around looking and eating for food to burn off during the winter. Leaves start to change color, signifying their death, and fall off to cease the release of energy during really cold days. The birds stop their chirping and begin the long trip to warmer regions. Because of the events of preparation, hibernation and migration of the natural world seems quieter and slower.

Cozy Cuddling

With a chilly atmosphere in the air, the fall is the best time to bundle up and enjoy the feeling of warmth after staying out in the cold. Whether you seclude yourself under the blanket of your bed or cuddle up with a pet or another person, it's an enjoyable feeling to shun the cold and absorb the warmth. Sticking around the fireplace after walking outside in the freezing air is just an amazing feeling.

So start bundling up and preparing for days to come ahead. Find your own reasons to love the season of multicolored leaves and harvest hauls.

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