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Filipino Food Pick: Alugbati Salad

FIlipino cuisine uses only the finest of ingredients: The freshest of fish for their seafood plates and the choicest animals for their meat dishes. But FIlipino fruits and vegetables are also naturally grown and refreshingly crisp. Different types of climates and specialized agricultural knowledge passed from the past have contributed to this fact quite a bit. One huge example is the atmosphere and design of the famous Banaue Rice Terraces. Handcrafted many years ago, it has become an effective means of growing rice and other vegetables.

One of the delicious dishes you can make with these fresh ingredients is Alugbati Salad, a fresh bowl of greens that delights the tastebuds and cleanses the palate. All you need is some alugbati (also known as Vine spinach or Basella Alba), white onion, olive oil, tomatoes, calamansi juice and a pinch of salt and pepper. Properly washed and tossed salad ingredients will give this dish the crispy cool texture and flavor you didn’t know your body needed.

It’s definitely a great way to eat healthy while treating yourself to a delicious treat.