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Filipino Food Pick: Buko Pandan

A hit during parties or celebrations, the jiggly pandan jelly mixed with the creamy, milky flavor is a fan favorite for Filipinos everywhere. The signature green and white colors of the Buko Pandan is a welcome sight to any event, big or small.

This memorable snack is made with pandan (also known as screwpine) gelatin mix cut up into cubes. It is then added to a concoction of brown sugar, evaporated milk, condensed milk, and nata de coco. This is often put in a clear bowl or cup so you can enjoy the sight of emerald peeking through a creamy white mixture.

People love the flavor of the rich, buko and milk fusion peppered with a sweet taste from the pandan flavor. Because of its soft texture and simple flavor, both young and old can enjoy this chilly treat.

Next time you’re at a Pinoy party, look around for a snack that has bits of green gelatin on white. You won’t regret tasting that deliciously creamy flavor with a little cube of squishy pandan to go along with it.