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Filipino Food Pick: Butterscotch

Food pick for Landingpage

A snack that's perfect with your morning coffee or some milk-based drink, butterscotch has been one of the top take-home items on any Iloilo or Bacolod traveler’s pasalubong list.

This delicious treat is made with brown sugar and butter along with cashews for a little extra flavor. The texture is a little fudgy but not fluffy. These bars have a crisp and crunchy exterior while the inside is moist and chewy when bitten into. The mildly sweet flavor of this treat seems to spread all over your tongue as you slowly chew it. Old and young alike can’t get enough of this tasty item.

So the next time you or a friend goes to Bacolod or Iloilo, don’t forget to ask for a bag of sweet Butterscotch.

Taste this delicious treat for yourself by visiting Iloilo. Avail our affordable package here.