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Filipino Food Pick: Pastillas de Leche

Crave something sugary sweet that melts on the tongue? Nothing Melts faster and sweeter in your mouth than a delicious stick of Pastillas de Leche, a local snack within the Philippine shores.

This treat is said to have originated in the town of San Miguel in Bulacan. Originally made containing carabao milk, these little delights were often home crafted by carabao-rearing farmers. The want for these tasty snacks grew and soon a small-scale market for them was slowly established.

Today, people still continue to make them with condensed and powdered milk replacing the carabao variant. Sugar, which gives it its signature sweetness, is also added and sometimes a bit of butter is added to help balance it out and make it easier to form the snack.

So if you’re looking for a Filipino treat that’s as luscious as it is simple, you won’t find anything better than the ever-loved Pastillas de Leche.

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