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Filipino Food Pick: Pastimallows


Pastimallows is a portmanteau of two deliciously sweet snacks: pastillas and marshmallows. While marshmallows may ring a bell to a lot of people, pastillas may be a little unfamiliar to many. Pastillas is a milk-based confectionery treat which was originated from San Miguel, Bulacan, made from powdered milk, condensed milk and sugar.

Generally a more modern concept, this taste sensation mixes a time-tested dish local to the Philippines with a well-known innovation in confections that’s soft as a cloud. With this combination, the Philippine pastillas gains new life as a modern snack while the marshmallow gains sweet factor that’s even more delicious than before.

In pastimallows, the pastillas are placed in the center of each marshmallow. Each bite starts with the soft sweetness of marshmallows and ends with the milky flavor of the sugary pastillas.The perfect blend of marshmallow's fluffiness and pastillas' refined texture makes each pastimallows a sweet to die for.

There are also a variety of flavors: from pandan, melon and vanilla to ube and mango. Whichever flavor you’re into, you’re sure to enjoy this tasty snack that mixes a Filipino favorite and a globally-renowned treat.

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