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Filipino Food Pick: Puto

filipino food pick puto

Well known as a side dish to the delicious dinuguan and pancit dishes from the Philippines, puto, a white, steamed rice cake is a delicious treat which has a mild sweetness that can be enjoyed solo by snack lovers of all ages. Its soft texture and small size make it easy to pack and carry, allowing people to enjoy the food while they're on the go.

This dish is made from ground rice, placed in circular cups made of metal or thin bamboo. They are then placed inside a sort of steamer made of bamboo and left to rise up. Less traditional, modern methods make use of cake mix and an oven. While the plain white version is one of the easiest to make, several variations in flavor and ingredients include cheese, ube (purple yams) and pandan (screwpine).

As stated before, it is most delicious when paired with a main dish, lending its subtle sweetness in enhancing the flavors. While it is a good side dish, it’s also delicious when eaten by itself and topped with butter or grated coconut. It's especially great eaten as an afternoon merienda, both filling and delicious.

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