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Filipino Foods to Return To

The holidays are a great excuse for Filipinos to deck their tables out with scrumptious meals. Balikbayans look forward to returning home to taste well-loved Filipino dishes.


Your lips will pucker with delight at the sweet and sour flavor of Sinigang.

To start, enjoy the cool weather with a variety of local soups. Sample the light beef soup, Bulalo, and the sour yet savory taste of Sinigang.


Chicken Binakol is a soup sensation, made with coconut meat and water

Another fan favorite is the unique Chicken Binakol. It’s a filling chicken soup cooked with coconut meat and juice, a local commodity at resorts like Alta Vista de Boracay.


Pinoys just can't get enough of the savory Crispy Pata...


... Kare-kare...


... and scrumptious Chicken Adobo.

Move on to the main course with a few Filipino favorites. Enjoy savory Crispy Pata, a mouthwatering pork dish, Kare-kare, a peanut-based stew, and the authentic Chicken Adobo, marinated to brown perfection.

Dinengdeng allows you to taste the delicious bounties of the Philippine ocean.

But it’s not only meat on the menu. The Philippines is also well known for its seafood bounties and dishes like Dinengdeng, a tasty fish soup that’s filled with all kinds of healthy veggies.


A Boodle Fight is a delicious foodie free-for-all for the family

When staying in resorts like Club Paradise in Boracay, a beachside boodle fight is recommended. Dine as a group on a leaf-lined table filled with all the seafood you can grab and eat.


Leche Flan. A sweet, jiggly, treat.


Mixing local and foreign with Taho Cheesecake.


Keeping cool with colors with the tasty Halo-halo.

But don’t stuff yourself just yet, cause dessert is on its way. Prepare your sweet tooth for the taste of Leche Flan, a caramel pudding, Taho Cheesecake, a Dekada specialty, and the well-known iced treat, the colorful Halo-halo.

There are many more savory meals to discover with the holiday season approaching. Come to the Philippines and taste for yourself the flavors of the friendly country.

Until next time, enjoy your travels.


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