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Go Eco for Earth Day 2016

We only have one world. That fact can be thought-provoking and even scary. Throughout the years, human beings have abused the natural balance of the earth. There is no merit in putting the blame on others, though. If we want change, we’ll have to start with ourselves. Let’s celebrate all things earthy and learn to care for the gifts mother nature has entrusted to us.

What’s a better way to refresh and revitalize ourselves than by making our surroundings a little cleaner and a whole lot better? Here are 5 ways we can make our world a better place for Earth Day 2016:

Classify Your Trash

Separating our garbage properly may seem like a tough and tedious job, but it also makes disposing and recycling a lot easier to do. Make it a habit to sift metal, plastic and paper garbage. Paper can be buried underneath the earth safely while both metal and plastic garbage can be collected and recycled. Classifying your garbage is a good first step to making the world a better place.

Conserve Water

Water is the source of all life. Water replenishes our bodies, is the home to billions of aquatic creatures and nurtures plant life to grow. While water does precipitate and return to the oceans and rivers, the pollution we wreak on it can still affect the natural cycle and cause acid rains or other terrible nature tragedies. Let’s do our part by avoiding litter near bodies of water and making sure to use only a controlled amount of H2O when washing dishes or taking baths.

Planting Life

Planting trees may seem like a nature loving cliche, but there are many benefits to increasing the leafy population on the earth. Trees, like all plants can take the carbon dioxide we produce and turn it into fresh oxygen. They also naturally cool down their surroundings and provide good shade during hot days so they're perfect for combatting the summer heat. Look for a tree planting program or project in your community and join in to help making our lands a whole lot woodier.

Donating to Nature

Animals are our wilder cousins whom we share this earth with, but through the years, human beings have become terrible neighbors and have robbed these poor creatures of their homes in the quest for industrialization. Give the animals a voice and donate to a local animal charity or zoo. It doesn't take a lot to wipe an entire species off the map, so it's up to us to help preserve the different forms of life out there.

Pick up After Ourselves

The garbage people leave lying around is both a danger to the natural cycle of the world and also tarnishes the reputation of our beautiful earth. If others won’t rise up to the challenge, who will? Round up your friends and family and put a little bit of your time off to help with any local cleanups or community disposal projects. If all of us do our part, a big job can be handled slowly but steadily, little by little.

It’s up to all of us to protect our home and make it a cleaner and greener place to be in. Round up people who care about the earth and find other ways on how you can help improve the sorry state our world is in. If we all pitch in together, a better world may still exist in the later future for our children and their children to enjoy.