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Hand Carry Bag Essentials


You've booked your flight and listed everything on your souvenirs-to-buy list. You feel like you're ready to leave your home and are pretty excited about your vacation somewhere exotic like in Asia or South Korea. Suddenly you notice you are sitting on your bed staring at a pile of things on the floor with day hand carry bag by your side? With such a limited amount of space, what kind of items should you take with you?

It's not going to be easy, so we've taken the liberty of listing down what we think are some of the most important ones:



A passport is the basic of basics when it comes to travel. NEVER leave home without it! It is just one of the essential documents that should be with you throughout the entire trip. Others papers you should keep close to you include some contract, tickets, any special recommendations or certificates, etc. make sure not to crumple them.



Let's face it, browsing our phones and watching films on the plane can be a big bore if you indulge in it too many times. Mix it up a little with some reading time to get your eyes off the screen for a little while. If you aren't an avid reader, a fun magazine will do the trick. Always include one or two paperbacks, from exciting mysteries to grand adventure (maybe a comic or a fantasy read if you're feeling a little geeky).



Women should never forget to bring their compact make-up kits because they should always look presentable and beautiful even while traveling. Just pick only the necessary and basic items like eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, pressed powder and lipstick. Pick an all natural look that goes well with any outfit.



A two-in-one item that most people can't leave home without. Who wouldn't want to bring their smartphone complete with camera, video, and a whole lot more? Be ready to capture everything, candid or not, so that when you go back home, you can have some photos to look at in order to refresh your memories of those adventures.



How can you pay for fees and fares if you don't have your wallet with you? A good wallet doesn't just hold money though and can be a handy place to store things like your Identification, receipts of purchases, photos of your family and maybe a few important things like keys or even valuables.



A must-have even when the sun is up or not. Chic sunglasses adds a bit of glamor to your look and is definitely a great cover-up for your naked and tired eyes.



Love your music but don't want to catch the attention of fellow travelers who just want some peace and quiet? get yourself a handy pair of good ol' earphones. Not everybody around you may find your jams as their type of music so having a pair of earphones around is a great thing especially when you want to isolate yourself in your own personal travel playlist.


Hair accessories

Bobby pins and elastics should also be kept somewhere in your bag's hidden pocket, especially that they are prone to theft and owner's accidental forgetfulness.



Having a written record of all your to-do's and reminders is a handy way to keep track of everything while you're traveling. You'll always want to be in line and on time with your plans, and have something to doodle or scribble on when your drawing or writing creativity surfaces out of the blue.



The most versatile piece of clothing ever invented. It can be a skirt, top, handkerchief, anything your imagination can come up with. Keep warm by wrapping it around your neck or wearing it as a shawl. keep the sun away by covering your head on a sunny day. It's just oh so useful.


Water bottle

Do not ever let yourself get dehydrated. A handy water bottle is just what you need to avoid parched throats and dry lips during your journey. Make sure that the canister or bottle you are using is hardy and secure so that

With this on your bag, you're now ready to take on another fun escapade this summer.