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Health Tips: Your Health While Traveling

Vacations are great experiences for people. But sometimes, we get so excited that we let our personal health matters fall to the way side.

Aside from packing medicine and investing in some good travel insurance, careful attention is needed for travelers on the go.

Dr. Paolo Luna, director of emergency services at St. Luke’s Hospital, answers questions on illnesses during travel:

1. What are the common reasons why tourists have to go to the ER?

The more common causes would still be accidents or trauma viral infections such as systemic viral illness, acute gastroenteritis, upper respiratory tract infection. Those are still the more common causes, but we get some cases such as stroke and heart attack also.

2. What are the most common medical emergencies that you've seen among travelers?

For senior citizens, we’ve had a number of falls, a number of ankle sprains, a number of still your upper respiratory tract infection. So these are the cases we have to watch out for. For those travelers who are into outdoor sports, they have sports-related injuries as well. Water sports injuries.

3. What are some tips to stay healthy while traveling?

When traveling, it's best to get enough rest. it’s best to get enough sleep. It’s also best that you eat the right food and uh, don’t overindulge on the things that could cause hyperacidity, such as if you eat too much spicy food or very sour foods, or something new to your system.

So remember, always be on the lookout for illnesses or injury. Don’t forget to prepare beforehand, so you can be ready for anything that comes your way.

Until next time, stay safe on your travels.

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