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Hopping Around Coron: Sights and Stories

hopping around coron sights and stories

Coron, a place with many wonders found in the waters. Hot springs, island lakes, mountains and more are just some of the things you can find and enjoy. As a place that is centered on fishing and tourism as its main industries, you can be sure that it’ll be a place where you’ll have a fun time spending your vacation in (with a multitude of delicious seafood to choose from).

Many of Coron’s destinations are beautiful places where nature is still a prominent factor. The breathtaking 700+ steps (literally) and view of at the top of Mt. Tapyas, relaxing in the soothing Maquinit Hotsprings and so much more are some of the places listed on most Coron itineraries. Each of these sites have something fun to offer to the tourists of the world, experienced or not.

But what gives the trip to Coron a true adventure feel is the island hopping where you can check out the freshwater Kayangan Lake for a nice dip in its clean waters, feel the mixing hot and cold temperatures of the Twin Lagoon while getting different experiences during high or low tides, and a nice relaxing picnic or lunch at Smith beach as a rest stop (pack your own food and drinks)

But unlike a lot of the sights on the island hopping tour, two places have little lore and stories of their own. The first is the Sleeping Giant, a large mountain with a few peculiar curves. Because of its shape, this was thought to be a titan from days of old who has been sleeping for many years until now. While it may be just a trick to our eyes, it is a whimsical idea to imagine a large person emerge yawning from under the trees and stone crust.

Another site with a story to claim is the Siete Picados Marine Park. With seven islands popping around the area, local tour guides claim how those islands popped up through a story about seven sisters. Not following their parents wishes, the sisters swam or rode a boat to the middle of the ocean where they disappeared under the waters. The seven islands popped up the next day as if to show where the seven girls vanished under the waters. A little haunting of a concept, but it does make for an interesting backstory (and a good reminder for naughty kids on the trip.)

Coron is just full of things to do and see. It’s a real treat to get out of your stuffy office or on your all too familiar setting and take a break to come and check out the world. This Thalassic island is a great place to let go of the stress and explore all of the water based attractions to cool of your head while enjoying the tropical breeze.