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Hot or Cold: The Season Debate


Hot or Cold weather? The question asked seems so simple yet there are so many different factors that make this question more complex than you think. When asking yourself what kind of climate you want to take your vacation in, there are always pro’s and cons to each one.

Warm weather is great if you're looking to sun yourself from a long cold period. Warm weather is the choice of people who love to explore and go outside, from the simple beachgoers to the adventure-seekers who want to see the beauty of the desert landscapes. Activities that are perfect to experience in sunny weather include sunbathing, swimming, hang gliding and camel riding (for deserts). The culture in tropical or warm climes are also often tribal in style, offering majestic stone temples to see and exotic items like colorful rugs and pottery which are often unique and beautiful. If being outside isn’t exactly your thing, you can opt to just veg out at a beach under an umbrella or at the pool area of a swanky resort.

The downside: warm weather can have extreme effects on the body. If you aren’t careful, you can get a bad sunburn which can cause your skin to be very sensitive for up to a few days. Dehydration and heat stroke are also quite possible when you’re exposed to the harsh rays for long periods of time. You often get tired easily when doing physical activities under the extreme sunlight.

For cold weather, it is often the choice for people who like stay in a cozy place with family and friends and maybe even enjoy a different brand of activities from those you can experience from a tropical island. You can choose between watching the snow/rain fall down while wrapped in a warm blanket or you can choose to go outside and explore the humid or snowy beauty of the frozen/drizzling atmosphere. It can even be rewarding to return from a wet or snowy day and just curl up in a nice warm bed.

As for disadvantages, chilly or humid weather can cause a variety of illnesses if you don’t protect your body in layers of clothing. It can be dangerous too if you get caught in situations like floods, mudslides or blizzards.

It can be a matter of touch and go when choosing your preferred climate for your vacation, but taking account the good and the bad will help you get ready for whatever is to come ahead, whether it's punishing heat or bone-chilling temperatures. What is your preferred vacation season?