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How to Entertain Yourself on Your Travels

How to Entertain Yourself on Your Travels

What can we say about long travel rides? You’re sitting on a giant tin can with propellers, wheels or wings attached to it on land, air and sea. Unless you’re rich rich and classy, a long ride can be a total bore-fest. But don’t just sit there, make the journey part of the adventure!

Here are a few ways you can make the long wait fun and enjoyable until you get to where you want to be:

Book it!

Sure you can just read away the journey with a fantastical adventure in the pages of the latest novel you bought, but what about the not-so-book lovers out there? Adult coloring books are all the rage nowadays so just pack one and a few coloring items (crayons, colored pencils, old make-up) and get cracking with colorful creativity.If you’re not really into coloring, some puzzle books, joke books, graphic novels or any other paper based reading material will do.

How to Entertain Yourself on Your Travels

Blank Slate

A blank notebook is the perfect canvas to practice your writing or drawing hand. You don’t have to be an artist or a genius wordsmith to write down a story or put down a silly or even hilarious comic or drawing. Who knows, maybe you’ll find the courage to show it to some friends so that you can enjoy and further improve them later on when you get off the plane, whether at home or at the hotel you’re staying in.

How to Entertain Yourself on Your Travels

Make a New Friend

You may have been taught “Don’t talk to strangers” by your parents as a little child, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a conversation or two with somebody new. When an opportunity presents itself, be the first to initiate a friendly little exchange of ideas. maybe you can help a stressed mother calm her kids or you notice that somebody is reading the new novel you were planning to get soon. Strangers could be just friends we have yet to meet, but when they show signs of unfriendliness or even hostility, it’s best to back away and bury that encounter away.

How to Entertain Yourself on Your Travels

Getting Down with DIY

If you love the art of crocheting or knitting you can do some catching up on a long trip. Just be careful about sharp implements since they will be confiscated by most airports. Try bringing the dull kind so as not to lose a perfectly good pair of implements. If the art of the wool and yarn isn’t your thing, bring your creative notebook and get some ideas by observing the area around you. Sometimes you’ll see people or things that can give you inspiration for some amazing eureka to work on.

How to Entertain Yourself on Your Travels

Travel Vlogs/Recording

Celebrities do it. Youtube channels do it. There’s no reason you can do it too. Vlogging (video blogging) or narrating your adventures is an amazing way to vividly record your adventures and capture everything from emotions, sights, sounds and maybe even flavors when you remember how delicious that herbed butter steak was after seeing it on the screen. For people who are into things like audio books or tape recorded self-help guides, recording a spoken narrative on tape let’s you dig deep into your memories and sparks the idea of how things really happened. Maybe you can record sounds like the waves rolling in or of the parrot screeches to give your personal audiobook more depth.

How to Entertain Yourself on Your Travels

Back to Basics

When all else fails, just sit back and pop up the usual in-flight entertainment. Use plane wi-fi to update your blogs and social media. Take pictures of yourself and maybe some of the amazing sights out of your window (if you’re near the window seat or share a row with friends, that is). Watch the in-house movie on-screen or watch your own with a laptop if there isn’t one. Sometimes you might find travel mags you can research your destination with.

No flight can’t be spiced with a little innovation, preparation and imagination. So get out there and make the journey just as fun as the adventure.