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How to Get Cheap Airfares


“Cheap airfares”. Even the word is enough to bring an avid traveler rushing to their computer or cellphone. The process of finding the lowest airfare in today’s rough world of quick airfares and internet posting. But with a bit of insider info from the managing director of revenue management at American Airline, we give you some small tips and advice to help you find the airline prices you're looking for.

“The cheapest fares are on days when fewer people are traveling” says Tim Lyons, the said official from American Airlines. Flying mid-week, avoiding holidays, and traveling during low seasons will have more of an effect on reducing your fare than trying to time exactly how far in advance you book. The reason: the primary factor in determining flight prices is travelers’ demand to fly a route.

Airline schedules (aka supply), when you advance book a flight, are set to long longer-term projections, made months in advance. This makes them less flexible and fixes their overall cost. However ticket prices can be changed multiple times a day, which allows an airline to respond to whatever level of demand a route or flight is currently encountering—by reducing prices to fill empty seats.

So keep this small tidbit in your head when you’re planning your next out of the country trip. They say knowing is half the battle, and this will definitely serve you well in any upcoming trips you’ll have ahead.

Source:, How to get a cheap airfare, according to a guy who sets the prices for American Airlines