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How to Pick a Pet-sitter


For pet owners, their little dogs or cats are the same as a young child under their care. They pamper them, shower them with love, care for them (even if the pet isn't too keen on it) and even take them to the doctor if they feel something is wrong with their health. But during the holidays, it can be a big problem on how to leave the pet at home.

It may be hard to let them go for a short while, but there are many ways you can make your furry friends feel at home and cared for even if you aren’t around:


A Friend’s House

The first thing you need to check out on your list of places to leave your pet is a trusted friend’s home. You know each other, so chances are they know your pet(s) as well. Never plan things at the last minute and always check with them a few weeks or even a month in advance. Since your animal friend will be in a new environment, always warn them of any bad behavior or quirks that your pet might have just so that they have full knowledge if any mishaps occur. You can call them if you feel concerned about your pet, but remember they might have their own things to do so call only when you really need to.

Hire a Sitter

Pet-sitters are professionals when it comes to caring for fuzzy animals, a better choice if you want someone a little more professional looking over your pets. They come at certain times during the day to check on your little ones and do everything from feeding, grooming, cleaning and more. Some even offer to stay at your home, caring for the pet and your home as well, but you'll need to be okay with letting a stranger in your home during your travel period. There are some organizations or businesses that even deal with professional pet-sitting so you know you feel relieved. Always do a background check on whoever you hire to make sure they’re trustworthy people as well. You can also make a list of do’s and don't's specific to your pet along with a number to your resident veterinarian in case of emergencies.


The Pet Hotel

If all else fails, a kennel or pet hotel is like an accommodation made to take care of all kinds of fluffy family members while you’re gone. This is more often than not the safest choice for pet lovers as it is a facility rather than a single person. A variety of them exist across the US so you’ll probably be able to find one close to your area. They often have a wide range of pet care services that might include daily walks, bathing, and maybe even a selection housing and sleeping area for you to pick from. Always ask for a list of available services they offer so you can be assured your pet is well taken care of.

Keep a List

Once you’ve chosen the ideal setting to keep your furry friends in, make a list of all the important things you can think of that you would want the sitter to know about: medicines, allergies, skin conditions, diseases, diet. If you care for your pet in a specific or special way or if you feed it a specific type of food with a specified amount on a particular time of day, make sure you make a note of that as well. You can’t really blame the person or establishment caring for them if something happens to your precious pet if they weren’t informed beforehand. You can even go the extra mile and pack up your pet’s medicines, food and caring product in a little container to leave with the caretaker.

Choosing the perfect sitter can be a bit of a challenge, so knowing what your available options are is a great start. As long as you find trustworthy people to look after your best animal friends, you won't have to feel guilty leaving Fido or Mittens back at home while you're flying for your seasonal vacation.

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