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How to Survive the Rainy Season


Even through the rainy seasons, the Philippines is still a fun, adventure-filled country that has many activities that even become a lot more exciting during the drizzling weather, like water rafting or even some beach activities.

But with the rainy season comes many negative aspects too like sudden downpours, getting a cold while traveling or having your wardrobe getting soggy. To help you make the most of your trip to the Philippines in this wet weather, here are a few reminders and tips on how to avoid letting the current season rain on your parade:

Jackets are Your Friends


It can be a bit of a hassle carrying an umbrella with you wherever you go, so opt for the next best thing: a comfy, comfortable and compact jacket. You can easily wear it over your body or tie it around your waist. When the rain comes pouring down, it's important you cover yourself with as much as you can in lieu of the canopy protection an actual umbrella provides.

Rubber Footwear In-season

rubber footwear

With your top half covered, you’ll need to wear something that will make sure your feet and legs stay dry as well. You wouldn’t want your socks and pants to get wet, so rubber footwear like boots or waterproof leather that covers a good portion of your feet is just what you need. It pays to come prepared and cover your feet properly since you might have to get around by walking and you wouldn’t want your feet to get muddy or your shoes filling with water.

Bring some Extra Clothes


It always helps to have an extra shirt,or even a whole outfit with you when you’re expecting some heavy rains throughout the day. You never know when a passing car or a sudden storm might drench you completely and you’ll need a change of clothes. Aim to carry a spacious bag you can easily hand-carry so that you can fit everything you need plus an emergency set of clothes should you ever need them.

Seal it with Plastic


Probably one of the most crucial pieces of advice you’ll ever hear. Carrying resealable plastic with you during the trip not only makes it easy to organize your bags, but in the event that heavy rains will completely soak you and your handbag, your electronics and emergency clothes will be protected from any harm no matter how wet you may be. Always pick sturdy resealable plastics (and plastic containers for things like medicines or make-up) to ensure your belongings stay moisture-free in any situation.

Pack Emergency Meds


With heavy rains come illnesses and colds, a big dampener when you want to enjoy your vacation time to the fullest. Don’t let the germs and bacteria take the initiative. Talk with your doctor and ask which over-the-counter medicines for different kinds of symptoms of rain-induced illnesses (headaches, colds, sore throat, body pain) you are allowed to get so you can fight the fever while still being able to enjoy your rainy season stay.

With these tips in mind, you can be a little bit more assured that your trip will be a successful one, even with the brewing rain clouds growing overhead.