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Island Angles: Photo Contest Feature


Recently, We held a facebook photo contest, the My Travel PHoto contest. Hundreds of hopeful participants sent us photo after photo of selfies in different places across the Philippines. This gives us a peek at some fun and exciting picture moments across the sunny shores, warm skies, majestic mountains, and cool oceans. These photos not only exude a fun vacation theme but also feature some of the beauty of the Philippine nation.

While they didn't get top place, these photos have something about them that make them all the more special and fun to look at:


Amazing Paradise "IslasdeGigantes" Iloilo, Philippines.

Photo by: Wjinrei Louvs

This fisheye-like photo has a vibrant feel to it while using the natural landscapes and background to frame the pair in the middle. The sight of the ocean above that height is so cool and pleasing to the eyes. A simple, yet rewarding photo.


"Selfielism" Me and my Travel Buddy Girlfriend first time travel together in a beautiful place of Banaue Rice Terraces.

Photo by: Julius Alcaraz

A photo within a photo. This couple shows us that in order to have fun during your vacation, you really need to get into the spirit and the culture of things. A very humorous and lighthearted shot.


Truly the most beautiful! In spite of the clouds covering its perfect cone, its majestic splendor still shows. I am once again left open-mouthed of God's wondrous creation.

Photo by: Carla Pamela Salvador Pla

A wondrous creation indeed. This photo uses perspective to give the mountain such a majestic and imposing presence while using the small lady chilling out in the middle of it all to gauge the whimsy and distance of the mount.


Stars aligning. Universe conspiring.Just an ordinary view from the balcony of our room. Oh, life.

Photo by: Donna Sunga Derayunan

The foreground may be a little blurry, but it's overshadowed by the jaw-dropping sight of an ocean-like purple littered with tiny shining fragments. This makes for a wonderful keepsake and an interesting coffee table topic.


Definitely one of the best and must experience in Davao Oriental with Mindanao Saga Flying Club.

Photo by: Cherry Luna

Taking to the sky instead of staying grounded, this picture has a flair of excitement and adventure to it. A memorable photo for both the people in it and the people who stumble across this moment frozen in time.

Thes pictures are just a little taste of the many fun images our participants have sent in. Keep posted for more fun philippine vacation photos in the future.

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