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Keep Positive in Travels

Keep Positive

Your flight is delayed. There are no more open seats at the airport. Long lines are present when you’re checking in. There are a lot of small and big things that can tick you off while you’re traveling. It can be tough to keep a straight face and avoid sighing out loud or thinking negatively in this kind of situation, but being optimistic at the most trying of times is often the key to picking yourself up and getting right back on a positive course:

Even in the most trying of moments, remember to think of happy thoughts to keep that smile on your face going. Think about all of the things, place you’ll go and people you’ll see on your journey. If happy thoughts don’t work, you can always try a fake smile in front of a mirror. You’ll feel so silly, it won’t be long before a real one is stuck on your face.

Don’t get dragged down by the negative side of a situation. Instead, look into ways you can circle around the problem or even directly fix it. Getting mad over erratic flight schedules or terrible airport conditions won’t get you anywhere so opt find ways to entertain or serve yourself instead.

A great way to keep positive during your trip is to plan ahead so that you can avoid problems or situations that may kill your excitement during the trip. Pack some snacks to avoid waiting in line and paying money for food. Always use try to use the bathroom, several minutes before your boarding time to avoid sudden potty breaks. Think of other ways you can avoid the needless stress.

Some people, in order to avoid stress and confrontations, find a trigger that helps them calm down and think things through with a clear mind. For some, singing helps. For others, it could be drinking tea. Other people find that complaining to friend helps them de-stress. Find your personal trigger and remember it next time you’re ready to blow.

While it’s good to avoid problems as best as you can, recognizing your problems as soon as you can can help you figure out how to solve it more quickly. Some people are stubborn when they hit a rough patch (like maybe avoid asking for directions when they’re lost due to embarrassment), but recognizing you’re in a tough spot and taking the necessary measures to fix lets you have less time worrying and more time enjoying yourself.

With these positive tips in mind, your trips will become a whole lot smoother and a whole lot happier.

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