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Landmark Legends: Suicidal Love

Landmark Legends


Once upon a time, in the land of Albay, there lived a tribe ruled by a mighty chieftain. The chieftain was respected for his courage. He had an only daughter named Magayon. She was a kindhearted, brave, and an undeniably beautiful woman. Magayon was well loved by everyone in the tribe. Because of her beauty and influence, warriors, princes and datus from different tribes all over the country desired to have her as their wife. None of them however captivated Magayon’s heart.

One day, when the tribes’ princess was wandering in the forest, she suddenly slipped off on a cliff. Magayon called for help but no one heard her; except for a man named Handiong. He was a great warrior from the rival tribe. Handiong did not think twice in helping Magayon despite of the rivalry between their tribes. After the accident, the two became friends. Everyday Magayon sneaked out of their tribe to secretly meet Handiong in the woods. As time went by, their friendship grew deeper. Magayon fell in love with Handiong. Soon enough, their love affair was exposed to their tribes.

Both tribes opposed their relationship. The two suffered much from their respective families’ attempt to separate them that they finally decided to flee. Unfortunately their families found out and fought another bloody tribal war. This caused the young couple so much pain that both of them decided to commit suicide together. This was the only way they knew to stop the war and to be with each other forever. Both tribes grieved for their lost. They buried the lovers separately. Days, months and years had passed when Magayon’s tribe saw a volcano growing in the place where Magayon was buried. They named it Bulkang Magayon in memory of their tribe’s princess. Soon after it became “Bulkang Mayon”.

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