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Landmark Legends: The Sunken Village


Long ago, there was a beautiful village situated on a verdant tropical land. The people living in the village were known for being simple, hardworking and God-fearing. These humble villagers built a church out of their skimpy earnings to worship and show respect to their god.

Years passed and the village prospered. The people became rich; their wealth has been reflected through their ornate houses, extravagant clothing and glittering jewelry. As pride lingered on every resident, rivalry also sets in. The people worked even harder to acquire more than the others. Becoming very rich, the people forgot to respect their god as jealousy took the place of good will. The church was no longer a place of worship but an avenue to display the townspeople’s vanity. Whilst the rest of the village residents spent their lives in worldly competition, a couple remained simple and god-fearing. One night an apparition appeared and told them that the village will be destroyed by a flood. The following day, the couple warned their neighbors and told them to revert for them to be spared from the flood. The villagers did not heed their warning but laughed at them. They continued what they were doing and mocked the couple, accusing them of envy. That night, the humble couple heard a voice telling them to leave the village early in the morning. The voice instructed them to go as far as they can and never look back; most especially when they hear a loud thunder and noise.

The next day, they couple prepared early and left the village. While on their way, they heard a loud clap of thunder followed by rampaging waters. The villagers were awakened but their shrieks and cries were resounded and died as they were submerged in a pool of muddy water. The fleeing couple was shaken by these cries and loud rumblings. Unconsciously, the woman turned back to look at the village. In an instant, the woman fainted as the husband tried to drag her but they both turned into stone. As years went by, a beautiful lake emerged at the place where the village sank; and is now the famous PAOAY LAKE.

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