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Last-minute Packing Tips and Tricks


You suddenly find yourself going on a last minute business trip or have to embark on a sudden journey. These instances can often be stressful and can lead to many mistakes in packing all of the essentials you’ll need for the trip and the eventual stay over if things drag on longer than you expect.

Here are a few tiny tips and ideas you can follow to be prepared for any sudden travels that may present itself even at the most inopportune of times:


Set Your ‘Travel Bag’

It pays to have a go-to travel bag that you can think of the moment the word “travel” pops into mind. Having and knowing where to grab your best travel pack or case is essential for cutting the time it takes to start packing when you get home before that all-important trip. Pick a very sturdy duffel bag full of space or a large yet light suitcase that’s just the right size to fit everything you’ll ever need.


Clothes Ratio

You don’t want to run out of clothes wherever it is you’re going to, so an ample amount of clothing is needed for you to avoid getting booked for public indecency. Only problem is, sometimes too many clothes can lead to you filling up your travel bag faster than it take you to drink a glass of water. Calm down and assess the situation. A logical and sizeable ratio for tops vs bottoms should be 2 bottoms (shorts and pants for any occasion) to 5 tops (your choice depending on the nature of the travel). Roll the shirts into tiny bundles so you can bunch them up and maximize space. If you can manage, pick one pair of shoes that fit your chosen wardrobe and can be used in any situation. And always bring a sizeable amount of underwear, estimated to how long you might need to stay.


Keep the Destination in Mind

Keep the climate and type of terrain in mind. That can drastically lessen or increase the amount of items you can put inside your bag. You don’t have to look too much into details also, just simply keep the weather of the place in mind. If it’s summer, think about taking light and airy tops along with sandals or slip on shoes. If the season is snowy and wintry, make sure to include a jacket and some thermal clothing. Knowing what exactly to bring for the occasion and what to leave behind can save you a lot of space and packing time.


Bring Ample Cash

Never, ever forget to bring a decent amount of money and your credit or ATM cards. Even if you don’t have suntan lotion for places with harsh sun or a pair of gloves to stop your fingers from freezing off, you can easily buy those things with a little cash. As long as you have some moolah with you can eat, dress, and travel with ease if the occasion calls for it. Plus, money doesn’t really take up too much space and you can easily carry it around even if you have to leave your bag in the hotel or in the accommodation. To keep on the safe side, leave a large portion of the money hidden in your bag while you keep a portion of the money you do need in your pocket and/or wallets.

Now you can rush, pack and run with ease if you keep track of these nifty little things to keep in mind. Always be at the ready because you never know when a sudden travel experience will present itself.